Ideas never end …

We had set ourselves an objective that seemed impossible to many: to combine lightness with mobility and versatility, thinking of a mannequin that was easy to use but with a precise anatomy and that could take realistic poses. After a long period dedicated to the study of the project thanks to the commitment of a team that simulated the mannequin in 3 dimensions, and to the patient sculpture of the model by sculptors, artisans, artists, LIVELYMEN, the mannequin of the future, was born. A project designed for the contemporary needs of the market, an innovative product in all its parts, a total ‘made in Italy’ from project to realization, a quality challenge.

LIDEIMMAGINE use ARPRO EPP  100% recyclable

Livelymen it’s also Green !

mannequin is not only simple to use but being 100% recyclable it also allows you to protect our planet.

60 %

Reduced CO emissions2

Thanks to ecological production
Livelymen allows an important one
reduction of harmful emissions

100 %

Weight Savings

Up to 60% weight savings possible thanks to the use of expanded polypropylene in comparison with a standard manikin

34 %

Recyclable materials

The material of which the mannequins of the LIVELYMEN series are made are 100% recyclable

The Collection of LIVELYMEN