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Since 1988 Lideimmagine manufactures, creates and invents: display mannequins and items for shop windows and visual merchandising. Our company is present in the major European markets through authorized dealers where customers can find our products. Following fashion trends and show our new items and ideas, we partecipate to the most important trade fairs in Italy and abroad.
Our strenght? Made in Italy. For 25 years we produce entirely in Italy with the passion of someone who really knows the needs of visual merchandising industry.


Collection of furniture and display

A collection of furniture and display of high quality and robustness
for use in various situations. More fashion from the store to the display of fashion in the
shop fitting de Lideimmagine you know to find all the quality that characterized us.


A wide selection of mannequins and torsos

A wide selection of mannequins and torsos
suitable for any display setting. From the
trendy shop to the big pret-à-portér store,
the right answer always comes from the quality
of real made in Italy designed by Lideimmagine.


A collection of solid and high quality

A collection of solid and high quality furnishings
and displays, suitable for any setting. From the
trendy fashion store to the classic outlet,with furniture
by Lideimmagine you will find the quality
which has always characterized us.


The future of mannequin

We set a goal that for many seemed unachievable: to coniugate lightness
with flexibility and versatility in a mannequin which had to be easy
to handle but capable of assuming realistic poses thanks to a precise


Tailor made

Tailor made, ideal for modelling and collections, these display
forms show all the handicraft expertise of Lideimmagine and are
absolutely extraordinary for quality of materials and flexibility of use.

Nuovo catalistino tecnico Linea Rossa. Da oggi disponibile.
New Catalist for red collection
is online!