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MotorBike and SuperBike

MotorBike and SuperBike

Starting from the needs of some customers we created the “Born to ride” collection: SuperBike and MotorBike are extremely articulated mannequins, capable of riding a bike.

The SuperBike has a joint on the neck that allows to rotate the head in many positions, while the MotorBike has an inner tube inside the neck to be able to support the weight of a helmet.
The features of both mannequins are the following:

– a joint in the pelvis to simplify the bending and opening of the legs

anatomical hands with cut thumbs to put on gloves more easily

anatomic knee without feet for a better fit of the trousers and for wearing the boots

Here below more details.
Technical specifications about MotorBike and SuperBike

To download the flyer of “Born to ride” click here.

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