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Baby Terry and Carbon Livelymen

Baby Terry Livelymen

The new entry in Livelymen family is Baby Terry. It is available in 6 years old and h.120 cm, but from Livelymen collection it has a new small particularity: a new texture with a fabric effect.

The available version is black, but the new one is the white color. The material is EPP, expanded polypropylene, the same as for female and male, but the mannequin has joints that allow 360° movements!

The mannequin can be covered with bielastic fabric in black color or in the new sand version.

In the Carbon version the mannequin can be covered also in different colors.

MotorBike and SuperBike

MotorBike and SuperBike

Starting from the needs of some customers we created the “Born to ride” collection: SuperBike and MotorBike are extremely articulated mannequins, capable of riding a bike.

The SuperBike has a joint on the neck that allows to rotate the head in many positions, while the MotorBike has an inner tube inside the neck to be able to support the weight of a helmet.
The features of both mannequins are the following:

– a joint in the pelvis to simplify the bending and opening of the legs

anatomical hands with cut thumbs to put on gloves more easily

anatomic knee without feet for a better fit of the trousers and for wearing the boots

Here below more details.
Technical specifications about MotorBike and SuperBike

To download the flyer of “Born to ride” click here.

Eicma 2018

“Born to ride”mannequins

At the cycle and motorcycle fair – Eicma 2018 in Milan this November we presented the new Livelymen collection “Born to ride”. The mannequin is made of expanded polypropylene EPP material, 100% recyclable, light and very hurt resistant, extremely flexible and bendy.

The article is super articulated with some modifications to the standard model to make it even more performing. The MotorBike model, as the SuperBike, has a joint inside the pelvis to simplify the bending and opening of the legs. It also has magnetic hooks to facilitate assembly and an anatomical knee to allow a better fit of the trousers.

To facilitate the wearing of gloves the hands are anatomic and for wearing biker boots, the legs do not have feet. In the Motorbike version the head has an inner tube in the neck to avoid that the weight of the helmet unbalance the mannequin, while the Superbike version has a joint on the neck to allow the rotation and control of the head.

E-commerce mannequin

Another article that aroused much interest was the Livelymen for e-commerce, a mannequin with various cuts for e-commerce photography and graphic image processing. The cuts can be used: on the round neck, a “V” for the photos with jackets and the cuts for t-shirts with short sleeves. To permit the dummy’s movement an oval base with wheels with brakes is included.

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