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Baby Terry Livelymen

The Livelymen family grows with Baby Terry

During the EuroShop exhibition in Düsseldorf on March 5-9, we introduced the new Baby Terry Livelymen, super-articulated mannequin with even more realistic joints!
A child like no one on the market that transmits dynamism and movements from the first glance.

manichino baby superarticolato

Once dressed, Baby Terry takes on the appearance of a real child who can ride on a bike or kick a ball with his friends.

Baby Terry Livelymen

The mannequin was conceived thanks to 3D technology and after prototype of some models, it was born in all its aspects! The dummy material is expanded polypropylene (EPP), totally green and available in black and white. It was born with a support base, but it can also be used without, allowing more movements. The height is 120 cm and age of 6 years.

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